24 January 2014

Consistent Ball Position Leads to Consistent Striking

This week we continue the process of preparing for the new season by looking at the consistency of ball position.  I have always been fascinated by the number of different theories I hear about what you should do with the ball at address and by the different and conflicting ideas many players have.  I have a fairly simplistic view which I have explained in previous articles and videos and you can find them in the blog library at the side of the page. 

I think what is most important however, is the consistency of the ball position.  To play consistently we must produce as much repetition as possible at address.  The following statement is certainly true and perhaps overlooked by too many golfers who look for difficult solutions to simple problems in their game.

You can have the best swing in the world but if ball position is incorrect or inconsistent you cannot use that swing effectively

As you will see in the video, we will always swing the club towards the ball, wherever the ball is positioned.  To play consistently we must ensure that the ball position is not only correct but is repetitive every time.  I am not a believer in moving the ball back in the stance for every club.  It is too vague a method, after all how much should it move for each club and how do we measure that accurately?  I much prefer Ben Hogan’s model of a ball position a consistent distance inside the lead heel and where necessary the right foot moving to create a narrower stance for shorter irons.  Perhaps the most important element to remember is that for a full swing with ANY club the ball should ALWAYS be forward of the centre of the stance.

It is at this point I would recommend reviewing each of the videos and blogs from this year and spend the next few weeks making a conscious effort to practice your set up fundamentals.  Alignments, Posture and Ball Position are the foundation of any consistent swing, making a mistake here will make it impossible for you to swing the club to your potential and will guarantee inconsistent golf.

As our development continues into 2014 you can look at how you can get help with your own game with our Swing Analysis facility.  Perhaps you have been nervous in the past about going for lessons or feel you would not gain from them.  Perhaps they are an expensive luxury.  The swing analysis area will allow you to get feedback and information about your swing, highlighting areas which could improve and explaining what is responsible for your poor shots.  Perhaps you already have lessons but would like help with a different part of your game (chipping or putting for example).  By sending us a clip of your swing from a phone or mobile device via the V1 Golf App we can send back an analysis with suggested improvements and practice drills direct to your e mail which you can watch anytime you have an internet connection.

Click the Swing Analysis tab at the top of the page and “View Sample Lesson” to see how the system works.

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  1. Hi Neil,
    For the last few weeks I have been concentrating only on my alignment, posture & ball position and have improved my bad shots considerably. I played today and was 1 under gross for 9 holes & finished 5 over - not too bad for a 64 year old 8 handicapper. Looking forward to further improvements hopefully. Keep the good stuff coming!