31 January 2014

Build More Power into Your Downswing

In the previous three blogs I have highlighted the importance of what I believe are the three critical fundamentals.  Alignments, Posture and Ball Position are ALWAYS the first things I look for in any swing I see, no matter what standard the player is.  My view is only with these in place can we build a powerful, consistent swing.
To complete “fundamentals month” this week’s video shows you the two moves you need for a more powerful, accurate downswing.

The Theraband drill is a fantastic way to improve and develop your downswing.  Having one in your golf bag is a great idea, not only for drills in practice but using one is an excellent way to stretch and warm up before a round. 
The initial move from the top of the backswing is perhaps the most important in the entire swing motion.  Any mistake you make here will be carried with you all the way to impact.  The downswing happens in such a small time frame, on average 0.3 of a second, that it is almost impossible to consciously make any corrections.  How you start the downswing will determine how you strike the golf ball.

The combination of weight shift and downward movement of the arms and club is one of the most difficult motions for many players to achieve.  It’s a bit like trying to clap your hands and tap your feet at different rhythms and requires full body co-ordination as well as the correct mental picture. 

The body will only move to fit a picture or image you form in your mind; it will try to create what you believe to be true.  The example in the video, a belief that the clubface should arrive at the ball first and not last, will create a movement, (your swing) which is guaranteed to swing over the top of the correct line or plane.

What you believe to be true about how you should hit the ball is perhaps the most powerful fundamental of all.  A poor belief WILL create a poor swing and we can never reach our potential as a golfer.  Ask yourself this, have you ever hit a great shot with any club and thought “I wish I knew how I just did that?”  If you have, then you have very little chance of doing it again.  Any golf lesson you take should always take this into account. I have seen players make huge improvements in their game simply by understanding how a perfect shot is created and building the fundamentals to improve your chances of it happening.

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