15 November 2013

Create a set of clubs to maximise your game

If you are a follower of social media or golf equipment on the Internet you may have noticed many of the club manufacturers are launching their new 2014 product ranges.  In the lead up to Christmas with big sales potential golf's "silly season" has begun!  The various brands roll out their marketing might to convince us the Driver you bought 3 months ago is now out of date and the new one is 15 yards longer.  Of course technology moves on but not at the rate many companies would have us believe.  Technology has had a big influence over how we purchase clubs and you should be aware of your needs if you are to get the most out of the money you spend.

As an individual your game and swing are unique and so buying clubs off the shelf or over the Internet is unlikely to maximise your potential as a player.  The money you save is a false economy in terms of your performance in my view.  If you are serious about your game your clubs should not only be fitted for loft, lie, length shaft etc but you must have a set which hits the ball consistent distances and trajectories.

I see many golfers who, as the club gets longer cannot maintain a consistent gap between each club.  They cannot hit 5 iron further than a 6 iron for instance.  This is always associated with a loss of trajectory, the ball goes lower but not further.  This is a very common problem and you finish up buying clubs which you rarely or never use and do nothing to improve your game.

Using Flightscope you can measure how far you hit every club.  Your goal should be to have a set of clubs which hit the ball with consistent gaps between each one and also reach the same height.  The images below show what I mean.

shot grouping showing distance for each club

sideways shot/trajectory profiles

Each club hits the ball into its own distinct grouping and importantly the highest point of the flight is similar with every club.  A 9 iron should NOT peak higher than a 4 iron.  Good players are trying to hit every club on average 90 feet in the air.
By mixing the heads or set you use it's much easier to maintain even gaps and consistent trajectory.  You will increase the distance you hit the longer clubs and you won't waste money on clubs you can't hit.

By looking at the table below you will see the height for the 3 iron drops well below 90 feet.  The lower flight reduces carry distance and makes it very difficult to stop the ball on the green.  This player should remove the 3 iron and replace it with a hybrid club

Table of shots

I recently converted a player to this way of thinking, reducing his clubs from 14 to 12 with a mixture of 2 models.  7-PW in one club and a 6,5 iron in a more forgiving head.  In the first month he has won over £100 in vouchers, the clubs are paying for themselves.

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  1. Hi. How does mixing sets in this way compare, from a cost perspective to getting a set of fitted clubs all matching. EG, buying 7-PW in an MP54 with 4-6 in a 825Pro vs buying 4-PW in just the 825Pro?

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