4 October 2013

How Can Technology Improve Your Game

The Academy has just launched its Facebook page, Hdid Golf Academy.  It is designed to create interaction and comment on golf and coaching topics.  It’s also the ideal place for you to ask questions, talk about videos and parts of your game you would like to improve.

This week we look at technology, its influence in coaching and how you can use it to improve your game.  Coaching has seen a revolution in recent times as technology has moved at a dramatic pace.  As golfers you are surrounded by this every time you play.  Equipment technology moves at a frightening pace, and not always for the best reasons in my opinion.  If you have been for a lesson or club fitting recently you will have seen this in action.  Super slow motion cameras, laptops or tablets and launch monitors such as the Flightscope we use are essential to elite players and becoming more widely used in the Club game.
The internet is about to provide the next coaching development.  Sending video clips from a phone or tablet to a coach and getting a lesson back to your e mail already exists and is widely used at elite level.  I already use this to work with players around the UK and with 1 player in Florida at Lee Westwood’s Golf Academy.

We will soon launch this facility on the Academy site, giving you the chance to improve your game at a fraction of the cost of a normal lesson.

One of the most common threads I hear in lessons is “It doesn’t feel like I do that” or “That doesn’t feel right”.  One of golf’s great truisms is that “Feel isn’t Real”.  Using a smartphone or tablet to video your swing in practice or on the course is the easiest and best way to monitor your game and build improvement.  If you have App capability then using the V1 Golf App lets you see in more detail what is happening.  If you have lessons you can check your progress as you practice and see for real if you are making the changes you need.  If you don’t have lessons then filming your swing when playing well gives you something to refer back to after a bad run of form to see what’s changed.

Whilst technology can be intimidating and present challenges I really believe that taking advantage of it can help you play better, more consistent golf.

I look forward to reading your comments and by joining the Facebook page you can get more access to the Academy and let us know what you think.  How has technology helped your game?  

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